Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box
Magik Vibes Box

Magik Vibes Box

Winter Box

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Inside this deeply powerful Magik Vibes Winter Box, you will connect to the elements I find most helpful and necessary for myself and my clients during the winter season. Prepare to dive deep as you connect to both the light and dark this box holds as a reminder for us all to embrace the shadow, the slowing down and the power of self-healing through these nurturing practices. As your willingness to let go expands, this box will assist you in staying committed and rooted to your practices, your deepest desires and self-healing on every level of the mind, body and spirit. Through these rituals, you will soon find how willing you are to hold the space for yourself to lovingly release that which no longer serves the heart. Prepare to plant the seeds and amplify your heart’s desires into this New Year as you soak in every level of healing inside this Magik Vibes Winter Box.


Size: 6 oz

There is no better time than the New Year to take action to freshen your mindset and renew and cleanse your body for a welcoming future. The calming and rejuvenating combination of Neroli and Bergamot essential oils which infuse this Dead Sea Salt will provide the balance you need to create the perfect ritual soak for you to clear negative energies and regain focus for the New Year.


Size: 70 inches

This magikal mandala tapestry will forever change your meditation and transport your body, mind and soul. Purposed for creating a sacred, natural and centering space, place this Meditation Vortex under you while you welcome your intentions, embrace calm and immerse yourself into your surroundings. Let its beauty and warmth strengthen your focus.

Hand printed by Rajistani Tribal Artisans, this mandala tapestry is crafted with 100% organic cotton and vegetable dye.


Size: 2 oz

This holy blend unites Palo Santo, Wiragoya, Lavender, Quinoa, Anise, Copal and Grageas along with other sacred herbs to give you the ultimate sacred cleansing ritual. Allow the holy smoke to assist you in releasing old thought patterns, any unresolved grief or negative vibes as you intentionally clear out anything that no longer serves the heart prior to your Full Moon ritual.

• Sourced from Peru


Size: 2-3 inches

Abalone Shells have long been used in cleansing rituals. Their connection to the sea combined with loose incense’s earth and its burning with re and air bring together the elements for a special and sacred experience.


Size: 0.33 oz

This clarifying and relaxing blend of natural Cardamom, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood and Vetiver essential oils will transport you to a welcoming space while providing grounding and uplifting.

Use this centering combination of plant oils when you are looking to reset your mind and stimulate your senses for openness with yourself and with others.

The custom-made formula of sustainably harvested essential oils are hand crafted and bottled in small batches in the USA utilizing traditional methods from the 18th and 19th centuries.

• 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
• Sustainably Harvested
• Made in USA


Size: 7 oz

Smooth and warm with a hint of sweet earth, this Sandalwood candle is grounding and uplifting for a clear and focused mood. Poured on the New Moon and energized with Kelsey’s Reiki Healing it will transport you to a place of positive, balanced energy.

Light this candle as you set an intention for what you believe you’re ready to bring in over the next month and continue with your monthly New Moon Ritual.

Made with 100% soy wax, and cotton wick this candle will burn clean. All Kelsey J Patel candles are eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable and carbon neutral.

• 100% Pure Soy
• 100% Pure Cotton Wick
• Up to 45 hour burn time
• Made in USA


Size: 7.25 inches

These handcrafted one of a kind bracelets are unique to each individual that chooses them. The crystals on each bracelet are said to carry their own distinctive set of properties. Each one of these bracelets are energized with Kelsey's Reiki Healing to enhance the vibrations that each different set of crystals has to offer.

I AM MAGIK is created with the Black Tourmaline crystal and features white beads. Black Tourmaline is known as the protection stone. It aids in the removal of any type of negative energy. This stone also helps with self-confidence, purification and cleansing. Remind yourself that you are MAGIK every time you put this bracelet on.

• Made in USA


There are many things in life that are beyond our control, however it is possible to shift
the way your brain processes these obstacles. Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and allows us to actually shift our own state of being and believing. Meditation practice is known to reduce stress, improve concentration,
increase acceptance and encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Please give yourself permission to sit up during the Full Moon and New Moon meditations and feel welcome to sit up or lie down during the Daily Guided meditations, as needed.

This I AM CENTERED download comes with 4 guided meditations.

New Year’s: Together, let us ignite and initiate the start to this New Year
New Moon: Calling in that which you seek, allow this practice to prepare you for the sacred ritual of intention setting
Full Moon: A practice to prepare you for the deepest level of surrender and letting go to come home to your divine, worthy and innate path and purpose
Daily: A daily practice for whenever you need a moment to relax, focus, connect or reflect


Size: 1 Selenite Wand and 2 Black Tourmaline Stones

Together and apart, these protective and healing crystals are here for your to power. Each crystal was hand-selected to align with you and the energy of this box and the New Year. Use them as part of your New Year Ritual and throughout these months of reflection, rejuvenation and building.

Peek at the intention and power of these crystals to know where you want to utilize its healing and protective energy. Each of these stones has been sourced from a major energetic area of the world and they have been filled with reiki, magik and love to assist and support you on their journey. Crystals are part of the active mineral kingdom and, just like the animal kingdom, they are full of energy.

Selenite is one of the most powerful energy clearing crystals. It offers amazing healing properties with its ability to not only balance but unblock negative energy from your body, environment and even other crystals.

Black Tourmaline is known as the protection stone. It aids in the removal of any type of negative energy. This stone also helps with self-confidence, purification and cleansing. 


Monthly Intention Cards: At the beginning of each month find and visualize your intentions for the next 30 days. Write them on your Monthly Intention Cards to guide your practice and keep you aware and accountable to your dreams, desires and goals.

Monthly Ritual Cards: Kelsey has created monthly ritual cards for each Full Moon and New Moon from the New Year through March. You can follow the step by step rituals to fully work with the power of the Moon Cycles.


We all know the old truism “New Year, New You.” But I prefer “New Year, more enlightening and healthier you!” As part of one of my personal intensions for the New Year, I have teamed up with TMAC Fitness to continue my pursuit of a healthier me. And I am excited to share this extra gift of health and strength with you as well.

I encourage you to cleanse your space and thank your body for its strength prior to your workouts.