Magik Vibes Goddess Box
Magik Vibes Goddess Box
Magik Vibes Goddess Box
Magik Vibes Goddess Box
Magik Vibes Goddess Box
Magik Vibes Goddess Box

Magik Vibes Goddess Box

Goddess Box

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The Magik Vibes Goddess Box has been carefully crafted to provide you with tools and healing for self-love and self-care for your body, mind and spirit. Your inner Goddess will shine as you journey through your practice and deepen your connection with your higher self through these bathing and healing rituals. Each item has been hand-selected for a specific purpose. Use this box and your practice as a special time of openness, receiving, love and nourishment. And welcome the time you are giving to yourself as a sacred space where doing nothing is key and simply being and slowing and receiving is all you need to do.

Retail Value: $5

Receive distance reiki healing for the body and mind as you are guided through a ritual meditation that can be used before or after your bath. Give yourself the space and permission to take care of your physical body and receive the essence of breath and nourishment of the soul through this guided meditation. Let every ounce of your body receive the time and space to replenish, ground and restore as you use this practice. 



Retail Value: $10

Be transported to a welcoming and tranquil space with the I Am Light Incense. Each incense stick has been hand rolled with Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils in traditional Indian methods to ritualize your experience. Become aware of the patterns and magik of your incense smoke as it assists you in manifesting with the New Moon and helps clear your mind and cleanse your space for new ideas, thoughts, feelings and energy to enter.

  • 7 Sticks (9" tall)
  • 100% Natural
  • Handmade
  • Made in small batches, fueled with Reiki and healing
  • Each stick burns between 30-60 minutes



Retail Value: $8

Pair your incense with the I Am Strength Incense Burner. Its compact size allows you to take it with you no matter where you go. Clear out any unwanted negative vibes or help open and amplify your space with the help of the I Am Light Incense and I Am Strength Incense Burner. 

  • 1" tall 



Retail Value: $10

Give yourself the gift of daily self-care with the I Am Rejuvenated Dry Exfoliating Brush. Leave your skin glowing by brushing away dead skin cells, stimulating blood flow, reducing ingrown hairs and eliminating toxins. Intended to stay dry and be used outside the shower, your I Am Rejuvenated dry exfoliating brush brings a popular spa technique into your own home.



Retail Value: $12

There is no better time than the now to take action to freshen your mindset and renew and cleanse your body for a welcoming future. The calming and rejuvenating combination of Neroli and Bergamot essential oils which infuse this Dead Sea Salt will provide the balance you need to create the perfect ritual soak for you to clear negative energies and regain focus for the New Day.



Retail Value: $20
Gua Sha tools are Eastern Asian health and beauty tools, now widely used in Holistic Esthetic practices worldwide. Use this tool to help stimulate blood flow, while healing and releasing any unhealthy elements in injured and inflamed areas of the body.

Here are a few pro tips from my personal back doctor, Dr. Gabriela Carlos - chiropractor to some of Hollywood’s biggest names - and my esthetician and dear friend, Biba de Sousa - celebrity esthetician.

Dr. Carlos— The Gua Sha technique can be used over the neck, back, upper and lower extremities.

  • Simply scrape the surface of the skin firmly in the same direction 10-20 times using the curved edge of the tool. A bright redness will result as the blood rushes to the surface of the skin causing the petechiae reaction. Allow the redness to heal over 2-3 days and repeat.

Biba de Sousa— When using the crescent Gua Sha tool on the face pair with your daily cream or facial oil.

    • Hold the tool firmly between your thumb and first two fingers as if you were holing an eraser. With gentle upward and outward movements, scrape the skin of a neck, chin, face, eye and forehead areas, making sure that you don't stretch the skin and you are not causing bruising. This tool could be used at home on a daily basis for a minute or two on the desired area, and results are quite astounding: better skin tone, diminished appearance of capillaries, pain relief and better muscle flexibility. 


Retail Value: $20

Rose Quartz is here to promote unconditional love and to open your heart. This stone restores both harmony and trust within your relationships, whether that is with yourself, a significant other, family, friends or God. Allow this raw stone to assist you in finding the deepest forms of love within. The love that is raw, real and accepting in all ways. This stone brings peace in many forms, so please allow it to remind you that LOVE is always available to you and it is your choice to bring it in wherever you are, whatever you’re working on and with whomever you’re with, including yourself!



Retail Value: $15

The I Am Joy Heart Bowl is a multipurpose bowl that is a reminder of self-love each and every day. It can be used for smoothies, salads, your favorite succulent plant or even as a holder for your crystals and other special possessions. No matter what way you decide to utilize this bowl, it is a symbol of the love that surrounds you every moment of every day.



Retail Value: $28

These handcrafted one of a kind bracelets are unique to each individual that chooses them. The crystals on each bracelet are said to carry their own distinctive set of properties. Each one of these bracelets are energized with Kelsey's Reiki Healing to enhance the vibrations that each different set of crystals has to offer. Remind yourself that you are MAGIK every time you put this bracelet on. Rose Quartz vibrates with the energy of love. It helps to raise self-esteem, relieve anxiety, and heal the mind, body and spirit by balancing emotions. • Made in USA