Refresh & Reboot New Moon Kit

New Moon Candle + Palo Santo

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Start your month of right with this magikal duo. Let the New Moon candle help you set your intentions for what you believe you are ready to bring in over the next month. In addition to the purification of the candle allow the Palo Santo to help provide a spiritual re-boot and open you up for what is to come. 


Retail Value: $38
Size: Net Wt. 6 oz
A deep and earthy forest scent with floral undertones, this aromatherapy infused Oak Moss candle scent will keep you centered in truth and open to creating new abundance and awareness. Poured on a New Moon and energized with Kelsey’s Reiki Healing, this candle will transport you to a place of openness and possibility for deep connection, expansion and alignment towards that which you truly seek.

• 100% Pure Soy
• 100% Pure Cotton Wick
• 45 hour burn time
• Made in USA


Retail Value: $10
Size: 3 sticks (4” long)
Why Palo Santo - Palo Santo literally translates to “Holy Wood” so the benefits of this incredible tree indeed feel very sacred. It is known for its clearing properties, as well as its ability to help with healing, grounding and uplifting. Palo Santo is great for a re-boot if feeling disconnected or if you’ve had a busy day and need to take a meditation break to bring yourself back to center. It is also a very opening scent and because it is wood, it can be connected to spiritual growth and creating roots for new energy to be planted.