I Am Willing

Eco Bound Notebook

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Size: 6” x 9”

Writing in a journal can transform your spirituality. By taking the time to sit with your thoughts, you are allowed to reconnect on your life experiences and current belief systems. Notice what comes up as you simply journal your day’s experience or perhaps write out feelings about an upcoming event, a friend, meeting or activity. As you write, notice your language and the words you use to identify any un-serving beliefs, repetitive or even destructive thoughts, and perhaps self-sabotaging techniques you use that keep you distanced from true peace and happiness. Once you see how you feel and what’s coming up for you, take a breath and a moment to write a new desired belief, a new mantra or power statement to reconnect you to your heart, your highest self and your true worthiness in this life.

• Made from 100% recycled materials
• Printed with organic based inks