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Selenite Wand + Black Tourmaline Stones

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Together and apart, these protective and healing crystals are here to support your personal and spiritual power. Each crystal will help to align your daily energy. Use these crystals as part of your daily meditations or place them on your alter to call on your inner strength. 

Peek at the intention and power of these crystals to know where you want to utilize its healing and protective energy. Each of these stones has been sourced from a major energetic area of the world and they have been filled with reiki, magik and love to assist and support you on their journey. Crystals are part of the active mineral kingdom and, just like the animal kingdom, they are full of energy.

Selenite is one of the most powerful energy clearing crystals. It offers amazing healing properties with its ability to not only balance but unblock negative energy from your body, environment and even other crystals.

Black Tourmaline is known as the protection stone. It aids in the removal of any type of negative energy. This stone also helps with self-confidence, purification and cleansing. 

Size: 1 Selenite Wand and 2 Black Tourmaline Stones